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Lower back lockdown Roodepoort
Lower Back

Lower back lockdown? Are you battling with a tight or what some call “locked” lower back? Currently many people find them selves at home without the correct ergonomics that they could find at work as well as lack of inactivity. Lower back issues are on the rise during this lockdown period the globe is experiencing. […]


What is telemedicine/telehealth? Telemedicine has been around for many years. According the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) it is defined as “The practice of medicine using electronic communications, information technology or other electronic means between a healthcare practitioner in one location and a healthcare practitioner in another location for the purpose of facilitating, […]

down symdrome
Down syndrome

What is Down syndrome? A child with Down syndrome is a blessing, who brings their own incredible and unique blend of love and humour into their family. Yet at the same time there are often numerous challenges to face. For example, speech and language difficulties, sensory integration, autism, health matters and educational delays. Down syndrome […]

The AC Joint

What is the AC joint? The acromioclavicular, or AC, joint is a joint in the shoulder where two bones connect. One of these bones is the collarbone. The second bone is part of the shoulder blade, which is the big bone behind the shoulder that also forms part of the shoulder joint. The portion of […]

cancer excersises roodepoort
Cancer And Exercises

Exercises after being diagnosed with cancer. All the studies point to the same results; exercising. In the past, physicians have often told cancer patients to relax and cut down physical activity to manage chronic conditions (such as cancer). This is a good recommendation when movement causes pain, high heart rate or respiratory problems. However more […]

Osteoarthritis roodepoort

What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic joint condition and has an impact on millions of people worldwide. Osteoarthritis causes inflammation in the joints and the breakdown and gradual loss of joint cartilage. As the cartilage wears down, a person feels pain and difficulty with movement. What are the early signs of osteoarthritis? […]

Back pain

Back pain Causes Back pain is a common symptom experienced by many people, from children all the way to the elderly. Common causes include; poor posture, poor mattress or sleeping patterns, repetitive movements (from house work or sports) and lifting of heavy objects. More serious causes of back pain include, motor vehicle accidents (which cause […]